For non-urgent issues, please follow the guidelines below and choose the right service. An appointment may not be necessary.

This will help us to be more efficient by making an appointment available to you when you need it the most.

{{ Number(0) + 1 }} Consider self-referral

Many conditions can be treated without the need to see your GP.

{{ Number(1) + 1 }} Pharmacy & Self-Care

Your consultation with an NHS Community Pharmacist

We are piloting a new service for people with a minor illness or who require an urgent supply of their regular medicines, to get help at a community pharmacy instead.

If, during your initial assessment we think you will get the quickest and safest care via a consultation with a pharmacist, we will arrange that for you, so you avoid having a long wait.

Pharmacists are experts in medicines and managing minor illness. A consultation with a pharmacist means that you can be seen today at a pharmacy of your choosing.

Locate your local pharmacy


Help and support available from many National and Local Organisations

Visit our Self Help Zone

{{ Number(2) + 1 }} Book a Appointment with the Clinician


We are unable to provide an appointment once we reach the capacity.

Alternate options can be discussed with our staff members if required.

Request an appointment for the same day (Monday to Friday).

  1. Request an appointment online - Monday to Friday from 8am to 6.30pm.
  2. Telephone: 0300 033 7700 - Please use the appropriate option
    • For same day morning appointments, please call between 8am and 9am.
    • For same day evening appointments, please call between 2pm and 3pm.

{{ Number(3) + 1 }} Children's Appointments

We do appreciate that a child's illness can create a lot of anxieties.

We will therefore endeavour to see children the same day if the need arises.

Acute Respiratory Infection Hub 

For children aged 0 to 16 years with Acute Respiratory Symptoms likely due to Viral/Bacterial Infections.

Telephone: 0203 839 7513 (From 8am) for an appointment at a local Hub. 

{{ Number(4) + 1 }} Appointments with the Nurse

Appointments with our Practice Nurses are available for smears, childhood immunisations, other vaccinations and simple dressings.

Please make a separate appointment for each family member needing to be seen.

How to Book

Telephone: 0300 033 7700

Our Practice Nurses try to see patients on time. If the Practice Nurse nurse is running more than 30 minutes late, you will be informed. Unfortunately, as a result of late attendances, we have decided that if you are late by more than 10 minutes and you have not informed our receptionist prior to attending, then we may request you to re-book an alternative appointment. Therefore, please inform us if you cannot make your scheduled appointment, as another patient could be seen. If you fail to attend 3 appointments without notification, an alert is inserted into your medical records. If this persists, you will unfortunately be removed from our Practice’s register.

{{ Number(5) + 1 }} Life Threatening - Go to A&E

Call 999 or go to A&E now if:

  • you or someone you know needs immediate help
  • you have seriously harmed yourself – for example, by taking a drug overdose

A mental health emergency should be taken as seriously as a medical emergency.

Find your nearest A&E

Further Information

Help - If you need help with your appointment

Please tell us:

  • if there’s a specific doctor, nurse or other health professional you would prefer to respond
  • if you would prefer to consult with the doctor or nurse by phone, face-to-face or by text or email
  • if you need an interpreter
  • if you have any other access or communication needs

Sickness Certificates (Fit Notes)

You must give your employer a doctor's 'fit note' (sometimes called a 'sick note') if you've been ill for more than 7 days in a row and have taken sick leave. This includes non-working days, such as weekends and bank holidays.

Visit our Sickness Certificates page

Travel Vaccinations

Information and advice for travelling abroad.

Visit our Travel Information page

Home Visits

Please be aware that our GPs will always call to assess the home visit request first.

If you need a home visit, you can help us by calling reception before 11am. Emergency visits only will be arranged after that time.

Telephone: 0300 033 7700

Please give the receptionist as much information as possible to enable the doctor to allocate priority to house calls. Please remember that several patients can be seen at the surgery in the time that is takes to do a home visit. Home visits are made at the discretion of the doctors, based on medical need. Lack of transport is not a reason to request a home visit.

Change or Cancel an Appointment

Please give us as much notice as possible so we can offer your appointment to someone else.

Ways to cancel

  1. Cancel through the NHS App
  2. Telephone us on 0300 033 7700 - Monday to Friday from 8am to 6:30pm.
  3. Reply "CANCEL" to your appointment reminder text SMS message.

Appointments that are cancelled within 1 hours or less of the scheduled time will be classed as a DNA and recorded in the clinical system.

See our Did Not Attend Policy for more details

Out of Hours

Enhanced Access

North East 2 Primary Care Network Practice

This is not a walk-in service – you must call to book an appointment through the service dedicated number below (the phone line is open 24x7) or via your registered GP practice reception team. 

To suit your lifestyle needs we have started a new service which will provide you with additional appointments with GP/Nurse and other Healthcare Professionals at Shrewsbury Road Surgery.  The Service will be provided by GP Co-Operative and the appointments are available from:

  • Monday to Friday: 6:30pm to 8pm
  • Saturday 9am to 5pm.
  • At: Shrewsbury Road Surgery, Shewsbury Road, London, E7 8QP

To book an appointment please:


What is Enhanced Access Service?

The Enhanced Access Service makes it easier for you to get an appointment at a time that suits you including evenings and weekends. The service offers pre-bookable, routine primary care appointments with a range of clinicians including GPs, nurses and other health care professionals.

Who can access these appointments?

Anyone registered at:-

  • Shrewsbury Road Surgery
  • Wordsworth Health Centre
  • Lathom Road Medical Centre
  • E12 Medical Centre
  • Dr Sathyajith’s Practice

What can I be seen for?

An enhanced access service appointment is exactly like an appointment at your own GP practice.

Will I see my own GP and/or nurse?

You will be seen by experienced GPs, nurses and other healthcare professionals, but it is unlikely that you will be seen by your own GP or nurse.

Will the GP or nurse I see have access to my medical record during my appointment?

Your medical record will, with your consent, be available to the GP that sees you, to ensure that they have the information they need to give you the best possible care. Notes of your appointment will be sent back to your own GP practice electronically to ensure that your record is up-to-date.

How do I reschedule or cancel an enhanced appointment?

If you need to reschedule or cancel the appointment, please call the service dedicated number on 0207 540 9949.

Practice Extended Hours with our Nursing Team

Pre-booked appointments with our Nursing Team can be requested via:

Opening Hours

  • Saturday: 8:30am to 12pm 

On Sundays and Bank Holidays, the surgery is closed all day.

Life Threatening

Call 999 or go to A&E now if:

  • you or someone you know needs immediate help
  • you have seriously harmed yourself – for example, by taking a drug overdose

A mental health emergency should be taken as seriously as a medical emergency.

Find your nearest A&E

Urgent But Not Life Threatening

Visit an urgent care centre if:

  • You have an urgent medical issue requiring on the day attention

Find Urgent Care Services

NHS 111 - Non-Urgent

Use NHS 111 if:

  • You need help now, but it’s not an emergency

There will be someone to provide you with advice and to direct you to a clinician if it is necessary.

Visit NHS 111 Online


You are very welcome to be accompanied by a trusted friend or relative at your consultation if you wish.

Read our Chaperone Policy