Tests and Results


How and when to obtain test results from the surgery

Getting your test results

If your test results show that you need more tests or treatment, we will contact you either by text or letter, if the results are abnormal only.

Test results are usually sent to the surgery within a week.

To obtain test results, reports, and any other queries, please contact us online.

Requesting a Blood Test

To request a blood test please self-refer to: 

Questions about your results

Get in touch with the surgery if you want to talk to someone about your results.

Contact us


If you have been requested to bring a specimen for testing please ensure that you drop it off at the Phlebotomy department by 10am in the designated area.

Patients must ensure that the specimen bottle is clearly marked with name and date of birth.

Specimens brought in after 10am will not be collected by our courier service and hence you will need to take it to Newham General Hospital to Pathology.

You may alternatively take the specimen straight to Newham General Hospital.

Fit Tests (Faecal Immunochemical Test)

The Doctor has asked you to do a FiT test. This is a stool test designed to identify possible signs of bowel disease.

It detects minute amounts of blood in faeces (faecal occult blood). Many bowel abnormalities which may develop into cancer over time, are more likely to bleed than normal tissue. So, if there is blood in the stool this can indicate the presence of abnormalities in the bowel. Patients with a positive FIT result are referred for further investigation by colonoscopy. If cancer is found early, treatments are more effective.

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