Practice Activities for Patients

Chronic Disease & Keep Fit Walking Group

person wearing orange and gray Nike shoes walking on gray concrete stairs

Days of walk: Tuesdays (12.30pm-1.15pm)(Every 2nd and 4th week of the month) 

Don’t wait – Get walking!

Everyone is welcome and the walks are FREE!

  • Arrive at the surgery by 12pm

Give your details to a member of staff.

NHS 70 Year Anniversary & PPG Open Day

Last month, our PPG celebrated 70 years of the NHS and had our surgery’s PPG open day together at the East Ham Care Memorial Building. It was a lovely opportunity to meet our fellow patients and show with pride some of our surgery’s achievements to the public. We are excited to have met Mr Steven Timms MP and our pearly queen, Doreen Golding. Our doctors and other PPG members also joined as the day progressed.

It was fascinating to learn how the NHS has evolved in the past 70 years, and see the nurses uniforms from different eras. We found other information tables during the event very informative as well. We enjoyed the live drum music and seeing the nurses attempt to drum. Lunch was delicious! Everyone who attended was also treated with a free ice-cream cone from an ice-cream van. In fact, 100 people were already given an ice-cream cone by the time it came to our turn!

All in all, it was a lovely event and we can’t wait to meet more patients of our surgery at our next event!

person using disposable syringe put specimen on blue and white glucose meter

Diabetes Workshop Reviews

“Our PPG organised a Diabetes workshop in October to provide more personal help and advice to diabetic patients. The workshop also enabled patients to ask questions and share resources with others managing Diabetes. Meeting other diabetic patients also acted as a motivation to better manage Diabetes. Below are reviews from those who attended.”

Shivani (PPG Champion)
  • “This was held on 29th Oct. It was very good much to learn. There were many speakers. Dr Navan did excellent explain diabetes in detail. That cannot be done in ten minutes with G.P. I wish if we can do more like this and call diabetes U.K person. Your help be appreciated” – Your patient, S.S Sajjan PPG.
  • “An amazing 1st session held for patients questions & answers with Diabetic Nurse, information regarding medications, lifestyle, healthy eating, exercises, patient education, smoking & drinking alcohol. Check for feet, eyes, HbA1c, BP, cholesterol, CKD, Yoga demonstrations interactive session. Very informative session & patients/PPG members staff stated that they found it very useful as in a group other people’s questions answered their own questions – talking & discussing in the group reassured them that they are not alone in dealing with diabetes.” – Kirti, Healthcare Assistant.