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Patient Participation Group


We have an established Patient Participation Group at the surgery incorporating a patient support group. This group enables our patients to become more involved in the services we provide. Meetings are held quarterly and if you would like to become involved please contact the Practice Manager. 


P Rowe 020 8472 4730 or
K Phul 020 8552 7383
B Tippett
I K Chohan

020 8552 6157

J Chakravarty 020 8471 8763
J Karir
T Prabhudas 07714 334437 or
S Patel 0208 548 1898
E Danso  
S Sajjan 07535 011545
E Bekoa 07421 658573

Minutes of Meetings held with the PPG

Minutes of Meeting held 6th October 2017
Minutes of Meeting held 5th July 2017

Minutes of Meeting held 7th April 2017

Minutes of Meeting held 20th January 2017
Minutes of Meeting held 16th October 2016

AIM of structuring a Patient Participation Group

Patient Participation Groups are groups of active volunteer patients that work in partnership with practice staff and GPs – this unique partnership between patients and their practices is essential to achieving high quality and responsive care to the practice patients. They also act as the Patient Reference Group, whose task is both to reflect and gain views of the Practice’s registered patients.

PPGs can bring significant benefits to the practices that have them: reducing costs, improving services, allowing resources to be used more efficiently and, most importantly, developing mutually supportive networks outside the GP or nurse appointment. Groups help the practice by enabling GP teams to be proactive in providing services that truly reflect what patients want and need.


Our practice has a diverse patient population with patients of different ages and a wide variety of different needs. Our PPG members comprise of male, female, employed, unemployed, retired, disabled and carers. However, to be truly representative we would also welcome more volunteers particularly from any underrepresented groups.

Shrewsbury Road surgery Patient Participation Group was established in 2001 to provide an independent overview of services and facilities and continues to work in the best interests of patients to have a good relationship.

Group meets quarterly at the surgery on a Friday afternoon from 1.30pm to 3.00pm, to discuss various aspects to improve practice services.

We are always happy to accept new members. Expressions of interest in joining PPG Committee are always invited at the practice. During the opening hours of the practice all patients attending the surgery were asked if they would be interested to join the Patient Participation Group.

Practice always:

  • Encourage PPG membership and promote this opportunistically and at new patient registration.
  • Consider the representation priorities for the group and promote awareness of this requirement. (E.g. Ethnic representation etc.)
  • Promote the group via posters, leaflets and hand outs
  • Ensure that every group member receives a regular contact
  • Agree the initial priorities for the practice with the PPG, and identify these under the following headings
  • Patient priorities and issues
  • Practice priorities and issues
  • Common themes from complaints
  • Practice development plans
  • CQC issues
  • National GP patient Survey results and matters arising

Other issues may include:

  • Patient surgery facilities
  • Standards of care
  • Access
  • Reception / administration issues
  • Referral to secondary services
  • Alternative pathways and treatments

Invite to join PPG

Expression of Interest In Joining PPG (.docx) (.docx)

  • Displayed the above poster in the Practice waiting area
  • Publish information on practice website
  • Advert on LED screen and online check in patient

Aim of the Patient Participation Group at Shrewsbury Road Surgery

The group comprises of patients of who wish to work together with the staff and doctors to help them to meet the needs of the patients, improve services and to share an understanding of issues and opportunities.

The PPG works voluntarily to provide a two way communication between patients and staff and also supports the practice to improve the service provided to patients.

The PPG will:

  • Be representative of the practice population. Key practice demographics which will be considered in the make-up of the patient group will relate (be not be confined) to:
    • Age, Ethnicity, Gender
    • Occupation (or employment status)
    • Parental , Disabled and Carer Status
    • Personal skills and Patients with specific care needs (e.g. learning disability needs, housebound etc.)
    • Long-term medical conditions

Structure at Shrewsbury Road Surgery

The Committee consists of 12 volunteer practice patients at present. There are 7 female and 5 male representatives. Although the group is small for our practice population of 13,200, it has been in place now for many years and the practice continue to encourage patients to join the group. They represent the patient population of the whole practice and voice concerns at our quarterly meeting. The group however has worked well with the practice to achieve many changes. Practice still encourages patients to join PPG at every face to face opportunity and also advertised on Led Board and notice board at the practice premises. Application is made available to the entire patients at the practice.

The PPG is not for clinical complaints but will:

  • Receive suggestions and comments on operational matters relating to Shrewsbury Road Surgery and make suggestions thereon
  • Be fully briefed about NHS and practice policies and delivery of services
  • Establish a two way communication between the Partners, Staff and Patients

Achievements in the past

By working together with our PPG in a constructive and supportive way, over the last few years, we have:

  • Increased the number of staff at the reception at busiest times
  • Discussed and improved same day appointment system (Open access)
  • Introduced wearing badges for all staff
  • Text messages for appointment reminders via IPlato tele system
  • Publicity to reduce numbers of DNAs
  • Health promotion adverts on Amscreen LED display
  • Regular Update Practice information - opening hours, clinics etc
  • Maintaining patients’ confidentiality at the reception
  • Made practice web site more user-friendly and ensure up to-date
  • Informative practice booklet
  • Informative practice notice boards, Amscreen and Jayex LED Boards
  • Wall mounted locked prescription request box

Practice Patient Survey for year 2016/17

The practice and the PPG agreed the survey content, format and sample size, and timing and delivery mechanisms. To discuss these, a meeting was held on 20th January 2017. At the meeting the survey contents were discussed and noted. The team felt that these elements should be designed to reach all elements of the practice population. The communication should be suited to the needs of the recipient.

The team discussed that a web-based survey will not reach those patients without computers, and those with learning disabilities or chronic medical conditions may be unable to access written or graphical patient surveys without help. Local groups may be able to assist in the delivery / collation of responses, e.g. translation into braille, audio delivery of questions via digital or web delivery etc. The survey will be a minimum of once per year.

It was considered to undertake a short practice survey during January 2017 to March 2017, when all patients attending the practice during these busiest months were asked if they could complete and return the forms.

Also the practice considerd the GP Patient survey, which is a national survey and to review complaints and suggestions.,

It was proposed that the survey results and action plans plus minutes of meeting will be compiled and can be viewed on the hard copy of the satisfaction results located in the waiting area. Any clarification regarding this survey can be made either by the  PPG or Practice Manager. Another meeting was pencilled in for April 2017 to discuss the results.

The results from the initial and subsequent discussions will form the basis and content / emphasis for the practice patient survey

Practice Survey Questionnaire

Practice Survey Questionnaire (.pdf)

Survey results taken from in-house practice survey, GP patients’ survey and a few complaints and suggestions were analysed internally with the PPG members on 20th January 2017 & 10th April 2017. The PPG was provided with the survey results in advance as the basis for a discussion meeting, where both the practice priorities from the survey may be presented, and the priorities identified by the PPG was discussed. The survey results were posted via the website within the practice via leaflets and posters. Hard copies made available in the reception area.

Thank you to all the patients who took the time to complete our survey.

Shrewsbury Road Surgery values your opinion to improve our services


Results were then collated, analysed and presented to the PPG on 20th January 2017.

Evidence of excellent services that positive feedback is received. Responses received from the patients were very positive and include:

  1. Obtaining repeat prescription and test results were a positive feedback especially on Electronic Prescription Services
  2. Patients agreed that the care given by doctors and nurses were very good. The reception team were also considered to be providing a good service.
  3. Practice with large growing list of population, a new telephone system should be introduced with options and easy access by the patients. Contacting the surgery when as the telephone lines are constantly engaged.
  4. Majority of the patients felt that length of time spent in the waiting room was too long.
  5. Some of the patients complained that they do not get a GP preferred their choice
  6. Overall satisfaction with the practice shows an average score of 4/5 which is higher than expected. Some criticisms were made but hopefully the feedback provides a good tool to identify areas that could be looked into and improved.

91% of patients felt that the practice was excellent, very good and good.

The actions listed here are only based on the actual feedback provided by the patients who took part in the survey. As a result further steps will be taken to improve all aspects of functioning practice providing best quality of service to our patients.

The Key areas for improvement were identified as follows:

  • The appointment system, waiting time
  • Answering the telephones
  • Doctors of choice

Action Plan

  • Not able to get through on the phone more easily, Practice needed dedicated phone lines for each area with more phone line
  • Length of time waiting for an appointment, as we operate same day appointment system
  • Access to a preferred GP 
  • Description of implementing the improvements 

    • Practice staff should be trained to answer the phone lines as effeciently as possible. Another line has been introduced to answer the queries
    • Appointments system -  Practice has to make a change as this is a critism in our last two CQC inspection.    Practice has a fear of implementing a new system as current system has been our practice culture for many many years, 
    • Doctor of choice is allowed but not practical to offer as many as appointments per GP -  patients are encouraged to use online services

Some of the above points have already been actioned and some are discussed, yet for conclusion.

A laminated copy of the results is displayed in the waiting area and published on practice website for the patients to read and copies of the PPG information leaflet is also displayed where patients can learn more about the group and have the options to show interest in attending future meetings.

It was agreed by looking at the results and the comments majority were favourable and there was a high level of overall patient satisfaction

Practice and the PPG were very pleased to see the positive results from the GP survey of June 2016 which was carried out by the Department of Health last year.

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